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Welcome to Nourished Avenue! Hi I'm Whitney!  I have been a licensed Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist for 10 years and over those years I have had many patients come to me with questions about "nutrition information" that they have heard online or from a friend.  Some of the information they were asking me about was accurate but a lot of it was not.  So I decided to create a place where people could come and get nutrition information, recipes, and wellness tips that they knew were trustworthy and reliable. 


Personally I became interested in nutrition during college when I was struggling with some digestive issues of my own.  I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelors of Science in dietetics and did my Masters of Science in nutrition and Dietetic Internship at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  Since becoming a dietitian/nutritionist I have worked in home health and in hospitals including an inpatient eating disorder unit.  


Note:  This site is not intended to provide medical advice or medical nutrition therapy.  If you have specific health concerns please make an appointment to be individually assessed by a Registered Dietitian or Medical Doctor.

"And there it stood, a flower on a rock, where nothing else lived for a hundred miles in every direction. This flower was life, bold and true, standing proud to the sky, lapping up sunlight, digging his roots into the ground, he was living, no matter what the world told him he couldn't be, he just went on, chin up into the sun, and realized, that life, by its very nature is brave."


Nourished Avenue
Whitney Wright MS,RDN,LMNT
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